typocurious note 30

Dear Typocurious Readers

Please excuse the mess. Yesterday the Typocurious database went kablooey. The contents of all its posts were replaced with gibberish and sadly, no backup was on hand.

I have managed to rescue 90% of the posts using Google caches and expect to restore each post in time, manually. Many posts still needed their images restored, so perhaps this is a blessing in disguise?

Thankfully, whatever it is or was that wreaked havoc on Typocurious hasn’t affected its brother blog, the Lawson Archive. While it remained unaffected I quickly put an automatic backup strategy into place so hopefully I won’t have to go through this a second time.

The plan is to continue posting fresh material, an article or a “today’s enjoyment” each week, while beginning the restoration with the most poplar articles and then the most recent articles, continuing on until the very beginning. Only approximately 150 posts, but needless to say this will take some time, so please be patient with me.

Meanwhile, go enjoy you some Lawson.