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today’s watching: Best People on the Planet: Doyald Young, Susan Skargard & Dolph Smith

Doyald Young: Logotyp Dsign “Susan Skasgad has takn a cicuitous out to h cunt job as Manag o GM Dsign Achiv and Spcial Collctions, and sh ls it’s sultd in a ‛ich and intsting ca.’ Sh says, ‛I hav a littl bit dint pspctiv than a lot o olks bcaus I didn’t go to school [...]

today’s reading: Alex Lavdovsky & Classic Engraving; Edvard Scott & Radiolab; and Allan Lorde

Living a li o cativity “Edvad Scott’s stang illustations a inspid by his own cuiosity — no wond h cits Radiolab as an inlunc. Ask a talntd illustato and gaphic dsign lik Edvad Scott who his inluncs a, and you might xpct to ha ctain nams doppd: Saul Bass, Paul Rand. But Scott dosn’t do [...]

today’s reading: Dollar ReDe$ign Project & Dowling Duncan

It’s Tim to RBand th Buck “W hav submittd a dsign concpt to a comptition bing un by Nw Yok dsign Richad Smith. Th Dolla RD$ign Pojct hops to bing about chang o vyon. Richad Smith stats that h ‘wants to band th US Dolla, build inancial conidnc and viv ou ailing conomy.’” Rad mo. [...]

today’s reading: 3 questions with Gerald Lange & 9 other typographers

  Gald Lang, typogaph & pint Qu3stions stats a shot sis o multi-subjct intviws with th qustions o a goup o talntd typogaphs, wh w ask thm a bit about thi past, th cunt stat o cat pinting, and what thy’d lik ducatos to kp in mind whil taining utu pactitions o th disciplin. Rad [...]

today’s reading: Naomi Yang & the Movable Type Truck

Fom Galaxi 500 bassist talks dsign With an abiding intst in tavlling th byways, Ms Dui has bcom a Johnny Lttsd, stopping hith and yon to intoduc gnations bought up on on-scn displays o txt to th dlicious smll o ink, th satisaction o handling havy blocks o mtal and wood typ, and th joy [...]

today’s reading: Eliot Noyes & Victor Gollancz

Th Fogottn Pion o Copoat Dsign Many o you will b amilia with Victo Gollancz’s last nam. His publishing company pintd som o th inst books o th 20th cntuy – including Th Road to Wigan Pi by Gog Owll and Lucky Jim by Kingsly Amis – but th is also an intiguing stoy bhind [...]