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Selective Bibliography of the Warwick Press

Songs o th Cuckoo. A collction o Haiku om Basho to Shiki. Tanslatd by Haold G. Hndson. Illustatd with watcolos tippd in. 40 pags. 45 copis. 6¾” × 9⅛”. Handst in Aighi. Pap is Inomachi. Cov is past pap ov boads bound in hal lath. Bound by Caol Blinn and Ano Wn. Illustatd, dsignd, st, [...]

The Wood-Engravings of Imre Reiner

[caption] Rin was bon in Hungay just at th tun o th cntuy, th son o a sculpto and ngav on ston, mtal and wood. At studying sculptu and thn painting, h tund to dsign and gaphic at und th tuition o Posso Schnidl who, himsl, has don som lovly wok o th Bau oundy. [...]

Carl H. Heintzemann 1854–1909

Amican mast pint On o th ounds o th Boston Socity o Ats and Cats Chat mmb th Socity o Pints Atist, musician, book-lov and bookmak Pion in th dvlopmnt o good typogaphy in Amica Evidnc o th high quality o th wok o th Hintzmann Pss, which was stablishd in Boston in 1879, would [...]